COMP-SHOP of Namibia strives to provide a tailor made turnkey solution and, or service to satisfy the needs and specializes in providing an information cabling service to the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Client.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia supply, deliver, install and maintaining computer equipment, as well as related products; providing a total service solution.  Installing infrastructure and is therefore your information cabling connection.  A Molex Premise Network Certified Installer and Certified Fibre Optic Installer.
Your personal computer and information cabling dealer.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia design and research solutions that reflect the best validated current technology.  We are therefore constantly mindful of current technology developments and our client's needs.
Our current fee structure reflects the objective to be able to provide sufficient time and resources to ensure the achievement of predetermined measurable outcomes.
COMP-SHOP of Namibia refuse any assignment for which we are not fully qualified and competent in, in order to protect the ethical standards of the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Industry.  We are supplying and equipping our customer base with a Professional and Performance orientated Solution; therefore, the focus is optimal functionality and not a cheap or economical concern.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia acknowledge the need to build ongoing client relationships by providing added value in the form of additional information and consultation.  In this way we help the client to make accelerated progress towards independence, sustainability and self-reliance.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia have the unique advantage in combining a Value Added Reseller and System Integrator with an Infrastructure Provider to deliver the product our customers deserve.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia established global and strategic alliances through its preferential supplier registration, as D-Link Certified, Molex Premise Network Certified Installer, Fibre Optic Association Member, BICSI subscriber, enrolled to the HP Partner Program and listed on the Microsoft Partner Program.
As our focus is entirely on client satisfaction; our quest for service excellence drive us to supervise and test each installation for quality workmanship by senior, experienced and qualified staff, personally.
COMP-SHOP of Namibia strives to provide a tailor made turnkey solution and, or service to satisfy the needs and specializes in providing an information cabling service to the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Client.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia is a specialist computer and network company; primarily involved with the supply and installation of computer equipment and hardware and of computer network cabling systems and network hardware.
Within this field the following services are offered: 

                     Network Cable Systems
                     Network Cable Fault Repairs
                     Fiber Cable System Repairs
                     Network Reticulation Consultation
                     Server, Desktop and Printing Solutions Consultation
                     Remote Management and Monitoring
                     Server Systems Integration
                     Supply of Consumables
                     Supply of Software Packages
                     Supply and Manufacture of Interface Cables

Source, Supply, Install and Maintain;
                                                       Computer Networking Hardware
                                                       Computer Network Security Solutions
                                                       Server, Desktop and Printer Solutions
                                                       Computer Network Structure Cabling
                                                       Telephone and Intercom Cabling
                                                        UPS Systems
                                                        Fiber Optic Cabling and Terminations
COMP-SHOP of Namibia is trading since September 1989 and was registered as a Closed Corporation in September 1995.  Since 1995 a computer engineer who recognized the need for specialist knowledge in the field of data communications cabling has been providing services in this field to both its own customers and to a number of clients, some of which are the larger Computer and Network companies, on a sub-contractual basis.  Today we have specialist knowledge in the fields of Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling and provide services throughout the Republic of Namibia.

COMP-SHOP of Namibia is proud to maintain quality service to our clients with a user-base of 50 and less. We are providing a total solution to five top clients and the rest of our clients are on first-come-first-serve basis.
Reference sites can be visited on request only, as per appointment.
After Sales Service is dictated by our customers and is adhered to by COMP-SHOP of Namibia to fit the needs and expectations of both parties.

COMP-SHOP has a trained CompTIA A+, SCO Systems Administrator, and Microsoft NT Network Engineer with more than 30 years of experience.  COMP-SHOP supports the CompTIA (A+, N+, etc.) qualifications for all our technical staff.  We are experienced in the various LAN/WAN topologies, protocols and cabling designs.  We continually undertake training programs as part of our commitment and trust in the industry, either in-house or elsewhere.  Self-study is also a key element to enhance skill, knowledge and to keep abreast with the latest product releases and networking trends.
As a result of the involvement with some of the major suppliers in the Computer and Network Industry, we have developed a thorough knowledge of all the major and most of the lesser known network topologies and their associated specifications.
COMP-SHOP operates independently from the suppliers of network hardware and maintains a policy of recommending the best solution with regards to particular client requirements, often offering solutions from various vendors.
COMP-SHOP maintains a policy of strict compliance with international specifications with regards to materials and installation parameters.  Sourcing of components is biased toward local suppliers wherever possible, however proof of compliance with specifications is a prerequisite.

COMP-SHOP adheres to the commercial building standard number
EIA/TIA 568 for the installation of data and telecommunications cabling and conforms to the SABS 0142-1987 code of practice for electrical installations.
All cable installations are warranted by COMP-SHOP against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of one year.

MOLEX Premise Networks



Belden Cables

Network Cabling - REFERENCE SITES
Detailed are the larger projects undertaken by COMP-SHOP during the past years.
Dr. Jonathan Joffe                                                                                             CSi Thabile – Scania Namibia
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Allers Aluminium (Pty) Ltd.                                                                              S Malan Builder for Leo building
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Forklift and Allied Equipment                                                                         Westair Maintenance (Pty) Ltd.
Voermeester (Edms) Bpk.                                                                                Compnent IT – Johannesburg
Regus Business Centre                                                                                     Namibia Poultry Industry
Ministry of Defense                                                                                           Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Health and Social Services                                                           Brandberg Construction
Windhoek Hire Sales & Services                                                                      Paratus Telecom (Pty) Ltd. 

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